brianna (shelikesclots) wrote,

content. maybe. whatevs.

i check in here occassionally, even though i never post. i read some of you and i remember the names of even fewer. i'd like to think i've made lasting connections with people but that's as untrue as it is in the rest of my life. in rl i have trouble making friends with ppl because i'm too aggressive and hard. like, i need ppl to front to me, even if they're wrong and misguided; i just need them to be able to stand strong behind something. and then i cut their knees out from under them so they can never leave me haha love me LOVE ME.

etc etc but basically i'm wondering if there's anything here for me anymore. a long time ago this used to be a place where i could groove around and wipe my self-pitying tears on stranger's sleeves, glorying in my never before seen brand of white, middle class problems.

the thing is: do i even have anything to say?
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